De-Clutter and De-Stress By Cleaning Your Garage In Edmonton

Did you know that clutter in your home can lead to more stress? Most people think of clutter as something that comes with owning a house. The kitchen, the bedroom and the living room are some of the rooms in the house that get a thorough cleaning fairly often in most homes. There is one room that is often overlooked that might be adding to the stresses of everyday life – the garage. Garages tend to be a place where we put items that we don’t use often, like seasonal items or outdoor tools and equipment.
So what’s the big deal with clutter? Clutter over-stimulates our senses and causes us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It tricks our brains into thinking that we still have work to do, preventing us from truly relaxing. Sometimes we feel guilty for having a space that is messy. Finding specific items is much harder in a cluttered space, causing additional frustration and time loss. Imagine trying to find a specific hammer in your Edmonton garage, and having to dig through piles of old tools or other junk. This frustration brings additional stress.
What Can I Do?
When the clutter in your garage reaches a fever pitch, what can you do? The answer is surprisingly pretty simple. Clean! If you aren’t sure how to go about cleaning out your garage, let us give you some tips.
Create Garage Storage Zones
Garage storage zones are specific areas in your garage that are used to store similar items (like yard tools, sporting equipment or camping gear). In order to get a feel for what zones you might need, you first need to map it all out. Take inventory of the items that you have in your garage and write them down on your phone or in a notebook. While you are taking inventory, you might find it helpful just to move the items outside of your garage.
Not sure how to set up your storage zones? We have a few examples of our favorite zones, but you can organize your garage into the zones that best suit your lifestyle.

Zone 1 – Household items.

This zone should be closest to the door that leads to your house. Household items are usually things like bags of dog food, cleaning supplies, vacuums, or other items that are often used in your home. By having this zone near your interior door, you will have quick and easy access to it. Garage storage solutions like drop-down shelving can create the ideal storage space just to the right or left of your interior door for your garage in Edmonton.

Zone 2 – Yard Tools and Supplies.

Yard tools and supplies used to work outside can be stored near exterior garage doors. By storing these items near the exterior door, it gives you really easy access to take them out when you need to get some yard work done. Garage hooks are a great tool to use when storing these items since you can hang up any tools you own.

Zone 3 – Holiday Items and Decorations.

These are items that you only use for a few months out of the year. Typically, we see these items stored in bins or boxes, taking up precious floor space. Overhead shelves are a great way to store seasonal items out of the way while staying on-site. Just make sure you label the bins well so you know what items are in which box.
These are just a few examples of garage organization zones that you can have. You can create as many zones as you need from ski and snowboard equipment to camping supplies. By creating garage zones, you will feel more organized and it will help eliminate stress in your life.